GulfCoat Product Information

GulfCoat Product Information

GulfCoat Product Information

Product Number
WRA‐LC‐020, WRA‐0C-030/GL, WRA-YC-031

Product Name
TransBlue, TransGold, GulfCoat Gold

Physical Properties

  • Viscosity: 30 +‐ 5 seconds #3 Zahn Signature @ 78F
  • 60+‐ 10 seconds Ford #4 @ 76F (CA Technologies P#97‐9101)
  • Weight: 8.56 +/‐ .15%
  • Gloss: 60º: 85+ Minimum
  • Solids: Weight: 32.12 +/‐ 2%
  • Volume: 30.14 +/‐ 2%
  • Grind: N/A
  • Flash Point: 201°F
  • Coverage: Sq.Ft/Gal (flat work).: 355 @ 1 Dry Mil. (Assuming No Loss)
  • Coverage: Sq.Ft/Gal (coil face area).: 50 @ 1 Dry Mil. (Assuming No Loss)
  • V.O.C. LB/GL: 0.34 Including water, 1.00 Excluding water
  • pH: 8.0‐8.50
  • Method of Application: Spray (mix well before and during application)
  • Application Temperatures: Minimum 55oF – Maximum 100oF
  • NOTE: Temperature must be 5 Degrees above dew point prior to spraying
  • Cure Temperatures: Minimum 55oF – Maximum 120oF
  • Cure Method: Air Dry
  • Reductions: None
  • Clean‐up: Water when wet, acetone if dry


Do not allow product to freeze

Meets RoHS and REACH requirements Resistance to: Corrosion Resistance

GulfCoat Contractor Series Coil Coatings have a robust synthetic multi-polymer resin backbone that is suitable for most environments and will maintain its appearance after many years exposure to the elements.

UV Degradation

Built-in enhanced UV inhibitors form a protective barrier throughout the paint film. As a result, UV degradation of individual polymer molecules are reduced and the film integrity maintained.

Gloss Retention

A high gloss finish is applied that is smooth, limits dirt and debris buildup, and allows for easy equipment cleaning.

GulfCoat Coatings are water-based and water-reducible synthetic flexible polymer ant-corrosion coating specifically designed for the protection of HVAC/R components and cabinetry. GulfCoat is formulated to improve adhesion, moisture resistance, UV protection, and corrosion resistance.


Heat exchanger (HX) coils shall have a water-based synthetic polymer coating spray-applied with no material bridging between fins. The spray coating process will ensure a uniform dry film thickness of 15-30 μm (0.6- 1.2 mils) and meet 5B rating crosshatch adhesion per STM D3359-09. Corrosion durability will be confirmed through testing to no less than 5,000 hours salt spray resistance per DIN 53167 (ASTM B117-11) using aluminum and /or copper test coupons.

Applications Ideally Suited for GulfCoat

  • Heat Exchanger Coils (water, condenser, evaporator, DX)
  • Mini-Splits
  • Packaged Rooftops
  • Condensing Units
  • Modular Air-Handlers
  • Air-Cooled Chillers

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